Useful things to know before moving into halls

1. Upfront costs…

Deposits — We try to advertise our upfront costs as much as we can, so here it is again… it takes the accommodation team around 7 days from receiving your application to make you a room offer. Once the offer has been made you would have around 7 days to accept the room offer by paying a £300 deposit.
We will hold this £300 as a key & damage deposit for the full run of your contract and arrange its refund at the end of the academic year — after room checks are carried out. We do charge your deposit for damage to the room or replacement keys (if you lose yours).

Top Tips: You need to make sure you fill in your inventory form after you move into your room and note any damage that is already there. Please report any wear and tear damage throughout the year as you are less likely to receive a charge if our maintenance team can solve or replace the issue sooner rather than later. Lastly try not to lose your keys (obviously), don’t attach a key ring that has your halls address on it, and try placing your keys on a lanyard as this gives you a little lifeline to find them in the bottom of your handbag or easier to spot if you drop them!

2. Read Everything…

Terms & Conditions are an outline of what is expected of you whilst you are a resident with us — it’s important to know what you are signing up to! The terms & conditions are also a good source of information, contact details and they are not as long as you think.

Read the ‘getting started’ guide that is sent through to you via email or post.

Read the terms and conditions of residency before signing to AGREE to them.

Read the online induction through the accommodation portal. You’re asked to complete the induction before your arrival and it has LOTS more useful tips about what to bring when moving into halls.

Top Tip: Keep telling yourself that we are here to help you :D.

3 Get PAT Tested…

Straighteners, Hair dryers, Laptop/Phone charger etc. — they all count and need to be tested to make sure your appliances are safe. If they are no longer in warranty (not brand new) and plug into the wall, then you’ll need to arrange for them to be tested. It’s part of your accommodation contract that you get this done. If you’re confused about what to get tested, it’s everything that plugs into the wall, and you’ll need the device, not just the charger.

Top Tip: Carry out a quick google search of local places that PAT test, call them up and see if the provide some student discount!

We will be offering a VERY limited PAT testing session over welcome weekend but this would be for the few electrical bits you may have forgotten about. The service is not intended to cover all students moving in to the Halls of Residence, and if students are unable to attend they will be directed to a chargeable service.

4. Making the Space Your Own…

Putting your own stamp on your space is a great way to say ‘I Have Arrived’ — get creative! But there are a few no nos.

Candles and incense burners — unfortunately are a MASSIVE no, the smoke detectors in your room detect both heat and smoke. So they will be activated by using either of these. They are also prohibited on your accommodation terms and conditions.
Top Tip: you can bring battery operated (flameless) candles or scented reed diffusers that will look pretty and also smell great!

Posters and Photos — Creating a collage of pictures and posters is a wonderful way to put your stamp on a room. Most of our halls will come with a pin board mounted to the wall for you but if you want to use wall space we suggest using White Tac as it is less likely to mark the walls.
Top Tip: Don’t forget your window space too! Try a couple of ‘inspirational quotes’ from Pinterest popped onto the window. This will give you a little boost every morning when you throw open the curtains!!

Fairy Lights — Lovely for some evening lighting when you’re trying to chill out from a tough day. Fairy lights are on trend at the moment so you can get them from practically anywhere for a really good price. But beware….we only allow battery operated ones in the halls, the ones that plug into the wall are well known for overheating so they are a ‘no no’.
Top Tip: We suggest looking at buying the battery operated fairy lights that are actually in bendable wire, these lights are much easier to wrap around things and hold better.

5. Guest Requests…

Fancy a ‘Mate Date’? — We know you won’t be spending every moment of your time studying and deserve a little fun!

One of our new Waterside rooms!

You are allowed overnight guests within our halls of residence but with the safety of all within our halls (including guests) we do have a few Rules & Regulations on this.

— You are permitted to have 1 guest for 2 nights in any 7 day period.

— You will need to fill in a Guest Request Form in advance and we will need to know their name and address. This is just so we know who they are and have info on them for those ‘just in case’ moments.

They do need to be signed in and out with our security teams but again this is for your guests safety as well as all of our other residents.

— Also important to remember that we don’t permit members of the opposite sex to stay in single sex flats. Example — a male won’t be permitted to stay overnight in an all-female flat.

Top Tip: Keep an eye out on the local events page onFacebook or the ‘Love Northampton’ webpage Lots of fantastic events take place in Northampton and it’s a great excuse to have a mate date.

Additionally the Students’ Union and the unviersity will often advertise events for students on their social media pages!

6. Don’t Be afraid to ask …

Keep Calm & Keep Asking — We understand that you are given a lot of info about everything before you arrive only to be given a ton more on arrival. We don’t expect you to recollect everything so we are on hand to help. You can call us, email us, Facebook us, tweet us and on applicant visit days or discovery days you even get to ask us face-to-face!

Got any questions about halls? Ask us on social media @UniNorthants or use #UoN. Accommodation applications for 2018 open on March 8 for FIRM offer holders.



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