Margaret Hubbard: story of an education professional

Beginnings of an education professional

My story starts with me as a child, obviously! Even as young as 5, I remember attending parties with my mum and being the child who would go to all the tables and gather the children to play games together.

Margaret is currently in Sierra Leone looking into play-based learning in pre-schools

Studying — and singing! — at UON

Being a part of the first group of students at the brand new Waterside campus felt like history in the making and I’m proud to have been a part of its ‘debut’. There were so many resources and staff on board to help me with whatever my concerns were.

An admission

I’ll be honest here with an admission! I used to come to class late, didn’t always complete the set tasks during break, and started off writing my essays without thorough research or even a plan, four or five days before the essay is due. I was still learning that no one was going to push me to do work… I had to do it myself.

Margaret visiting a pre-school in Sierra Leone

Placements and more

Placements were also another thing I loved about early childhood studies, as I was able to be in real classrooms and participate in their daily activities for weeks. It was so fun being able to go to work and play the majority of the day, come home and reflect on the day. Every time placements ended, I always wished they didn’t. They helped me grow professionally and personally, as I was put in situations that I had never been in previously and was able to reflect on events I’ve never imagined happening.

Margaret’s studies have taken her to Sierra Leone

To conclude

I believe that everyone should study Early Childhood Studies modules as a general life course. This course is the study of human development and all its influences. I learnt so much about myself and how my childhood is the foundation of who I am today — a talented, creative, playful learner. It made me such a better person when I truly understood that every ‘unique child’ grows to be a ‘unique’ adult.

Find out more about the Early Childhood Studies course here



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