Victoria Blake & Nick Petford, University of Northampton, UK

Last year, with the move to online learning, it seemed I needed to rethink what I was doing. I kind of had a natural interest in digital learning and I wanted to learn more about it. I’ve known about the course for quite a while and then last year, I saw a call for it. When I looked into it, I felt that it would not only reinforce what I was already doing, but enhance it.

The course has provided a space that I wouldn’t normally have to actually stop and reflect on my own practice. It’s allowed me to look a lot more into some of the theoretical knowledge and learn more around the theoretical models related to how we use technology. It’s provided a…

Two accidental meetings created new turns on the career road for one graduate, helping her even further on the way to fulfil a professional mission. Chloe Wenham-Sanders graduated from her degree in Early Childhood Studies in 2017. Within weeks she was employed, back at a nursery she had completed an earlier course placement with.

She quickly settled in and enjoyed the role, allowing her to put into practice something she is eager to deliver — placing educational and emotional support at the heart of her work with children and young people, to give them the best foundation for their later life.

Even so, Chloe…

Psychology student Amy talks about why she chose to study at Northampton.

I chose to study at the University of Northampton after attending an open day where I spoke with students and course lecturers. Everyone was so friendly and passionate about what they taught which really drew me in. I also chose the University of Northampton for the teaching style as I…

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