8 Things You Should Do Before Graduating To Land The Job of Your Dreams

Oliver Knowles from TINT shares his tips for students who are on the hunt for their dream job after university.

We love working with other companies, especially when they share their invaluable expertise. Oliver Knowles, the Senior Business Development Manager from TINT, gave us his advice for students who are looking to land their dream job once they graduate.

Graduation is looming and it’s time to start thinking about life after college.

By now, you probably have an idea about the kind of job you want, but getting there might seem like an uphill struggle.

To stand a better chance of landing that dream job, I’ve come up with a few things you can do beforehand to set you up for success (don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!).

These days, putting yourself out there is important, and I guarantee that putting steps in place to stand out from other candidates will make your dream employers jump at the chance of hiring you.

And, with the wide array of tools out there to create an online presence and add to your skillset, it’s easier than ever to prepare in advance for the career you’ve always wanted.

Here’s my advice to you.

Twitter Chats are social spaces where you can interact with brands in the industry you want to get into. Popping up in these every week or so means brands will start noticing your interest in the industry and you can start building relationships with them.

These chats are also a great place to network, learn more about relevant topics, and exert your expertise on niche topics.

2. Join Linkedin Groups

Linkedin is the platform for job hunting, but there’s so much more to it than simply searching for jobs.

The “Groups” feature lets you mingle with top companies in your industry and get a feel for the kind of candidates they’re looking for. I’ll often come across job openings posted in groups, and the social aspect means you can start creating connections with relevant companies.

More businesses use Linkedin than any other social media platform. Source.

3. Sign Up for Webinars

Expanding our skillsets is vital, especially once we’ve left college. Most other applicants will have a degree and the relevant qualifications, so you need to do something more to help you stand out.

Sign up for relevant webinars and take in as much knowledge as you can from them. This will help you stay on top of trends in your dream industry and continue to build you up into a hireable package.

4. Start a Content Library

Building up a bank of resources will put you in good stead for learning more about your industry and keep ahead of the curve. From my experience, companies today are looking for unique talent that is self-driven and independent.

By showing that you regularly read and collect content on your chosen industry, you’re telling potential employees that you’re serious about succeeding. Plus, you have a source of material to draw from when you need to exert your knowledge.

5. Engage With Influencers

Landing your dream job is often about who you know.

The online world has created the opportunity to connect with people who are high up in the industry you want to get into. I’ve actively connected with the top people in my industry, which has helped boost my own standing in my field, while actively showing I’m passionate about it.

6. Create a Video Cover Letter

Research by the Aberdeen Group shows that 65% of employers are using video to screen applicants. With the increase in video consumption online, it makes sense that this visual format of selling yourself is favored over the traditional cover letter.

And just think — if you send in a video, you’re going to stand out amongst the many other applicants who simply reel off yet another written piece.

7. Sign Up For Udemy Courses

Whatever industry you’re looking to get into, you need to be constantly learning — we all do. Udemy is filled with courses and learning materials for all sorts of industries, giving you the chance to broaden your skillset and learn niche talents in your field.

8. Create a Branded Website

You’re essentially selling yourself when you apply for your dream job, so creating a branded website will help cement you as a hireable package.

On my website, for example, I can share my experience and qualifications, as well as build a personal brand that showcases my authority and expertise in the industry.

9. Stand Out to Succeed

Landing your dream job is all about standing out amongst your peers.

This means investing in yourself so you can stay on top of trends, become an integral part of your industry in the online world, and creating an authoritative online brand that proves you mean business when it comes to getting the job of your dreams.

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